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Frequent Questions

It is a hermetically sealed space where the patient enters to undergo a hyperbaric oxygen therapy session, in which he breathes 100% pure oxygen at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. In the case of the Hyperbaric Center of Cascais, the Chamber is monoplace, built in acrylic completely transparent and may have a pressure of 3 ATA.

It is a type of noninvasive medical therapy consisting of breathing pure oxygen at pressures higher than atmospheric. The patient should enter the hyperbaric chamber, since it is the only mechanism that creates the specified conditions.

No. The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment and cure of diseases has developed in the last 100 years and every day there are new advances in scientific research.

High-pressure inhaled oxygen is diluted in the blood plasma, which is one of the components of the blood, reaching areas of the body that would otherwise be impossible to reach. In this way, the high amount of oxygen transported by the blood is a genuine medicine with its own therapeutic effects.

The applicability of this treatment is vast and science has evolved a lot in recent years. Enumerating some of these applications we have: diving accident, stroke, diabetic foot, injuries secondary to radiotherapy, carbon monoxide poisoning, osteomyelitis, reduction of time in fracture consolidation, gas gangrene, large traumas, sudden deafness, improvement of physical fitness of athletes, anti-aging effect.

During the compression period, you may feel discrete pressure in the ear (sensation of filling the ear), overcome by simple compensation maneuvers, such as simple yawning, saliva swallowing and Valsalva maneuver (forcibly exhale the air against closed lips and covered nose). Any type of discomfort should be reported to the specialist who is always present. During compression, and due to a physical phenomenon, there is an increase in environment temperature and, on the contrary, during decompression, the temperature decreases. Once the defined pressure is reached, the patient does not notice any special changes, being able to relax and watch TV.

It is a very safe medical procedure, although it is not free of medical complications, hence the need for medical control carried out by specialists in hyperbaric medicine in order to minimize these risks.

Treatment in a hyperbaric environment is carried out with medicinal oxygen in its pure state at 100% and at high pressures so we must considerably increase safety measures. To enter the hyperbaric chamber, you should not wear any kind of make-up, perfume, lacquer or other prop. The entrance into the chamber should be made only with 100% cotton clothing, clothing that is available in the hyperbaric center at the time of treatment. It is advised not to smoke until at least 2 hours before and after each session, if possible, eliminate the habit during the course of treatment. Each situation has its own therapeutic protocol, so the number of sessions and pressure to be used are appropriate medical criteria in each case defined by the medical specialist.

There are certain pathologies or medical treatments that may contraindicate a priori this treatment, such as a pneumothorax, but it should be the hyperbaric doctor to evaluate in each case whether the treatment is relevant or not.