11 de September, 2022 News

September 11th
Professional Firemen´s National Day

How does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy intersect with Firemen’s life?

Today, we celebrate the Professional Firemen´s National Day, and thank to those who make their lives an ode to sacrifice, team spirit and work for the community benefit.

The tribute is more than deserved!

However, few of us know that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy plays a very important role in the life of these professionals.

Firemen come across with this therapy in two moments: for use in their professional lives and for helping many of the victims they assist.

We usually think about Firemen as those who help victims of car accidents or those who deals with fires, but they are much more than that! One of the departments that we often forget is the Firemen Divers (which is also an important asset in surveillance, support, search, and rescue operations). Decompression Illness (disease due to excess nitrogen molecules accumulated in blood and tissues) is one of the most common problems with divers, and the use of Hyperbaric Chambers is often a matter of life or death.

Also in fire environments, whether forestry or urban, Firemen are often intoxicated with carbon monoxide, which is a colorless and odorless gas, produced by combustion, and which can cause several neurological injuries or, if not treated in time, it can even be fatal. This poisoning is a reality that many Firemen come across with, when they help victims intoxicated due to fireplaces, braziers, or water heaters. The use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is also often vital in these cases.

Also in fire environments, Firemen are often victims of fire and come out with burns during their rescue actions. The use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in burn situations, namely those of the 2nd and 3rd degree, is very important due to its healing action, for fighting infection, and for helping on tissue regeneration.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy it’s a type of therapy in which the patient breathes pure oxygen (100%) while is being subjected, inside a Hyperbaric Chamber, to a pressure 2 to 3 times greater than the atmospheric pressure. It is a painless and non-invasive therapy, and its importance is increasing in the lives of all of us and of those to whom we honor today, our Firemen!
The Hyperbaric Center of Cascais is exclusively dedicated to Hyperbaric Medicine and registered at the European Association, and to the present date, the first and only private center with mono-place chambers
Its staff is a highly specialized team with competence in Hyperbaric Medicine given by the Medical Association and a vast experience in the several applications of this type of treatment. Today in particular, we emphasize the lives already saved, from Firemen or civilians, using this therapy, namely in the context of poisoning by Carbon Monoxide or Decompression Illness.
Our greatest thanks to all peace warriors for their everyday actions, to protect and save us.

Maria Luís Gameiro

Direcção Centro Hiperbárico Cascais


14 de November, 2021 News

November 14th
World Diabetes Day

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot:
The search for quality of life

Diabetes is a disease of worldwide proportions which affects millions of people around the world and Portugal is, unfortunately, no exception.

It is now commonly known that the disease is progressive if left untreated or controlled and leads to different types of injuries.

Today, World Diabetes Day, I underline the issues arising such as infections and circulatory problems in the lower limbs that are most common in diabetic patients.

As diabetes can lead to changes in the circulation and sensitivity of the patients, the blood responsible for carrying oxygen to the tissues, arrives in smaller quantities and with less nutrients. This situation causes a lower quality blood circulation, making healing slower and ineffective.

The “Diabetic Foot”, which consists of ulcers in the lower limbs resulting from microlesions that can evolve into larger and infected wounds, can take on such a dimension that they can even lead to amputations if medical intervention and treatment are not immediate.

The treatment of diabetic ulcers requires a multi-functional and multi-professional approach: blood glucose control (blood glucose rate), appropriate dressings, lessening the load on the affected site, antibiotics, revascularizations, surgical and debridement (cleaning) and still as a last resort before amputation, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is suitable for accelerating healing and combating infections often presented in the context of Diabetic Foot. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy acts as a complementary treatment, providing a high level of oxygen to the tissues, enhancing the formation of new vessels, enhancing the effect of antibiotics, reducing edema (swelling), etc.

In my opinion, action must be taken early. Unfortunately, this therapy in Portugal is often used only as a last resort and most of the time when the ulcer is already very advanced. In these situations, many sessions are needed, which makes the treatment more onerous, whether financially or in terms of time, efficiency, and quality of life for those involved.

I believe that, as in all medical procedures, and this one is no exception, one should act as quickly as possible, and knowing that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can be a solution to avoid or reduce the number of surgeries and reduce recovery time, it should be used as a complementary treatment right at the beginning of the occurrence of the lesion and not, only when it is already in a very advanced state.

The Hyperbaric Center of Cascais is exclusively dedicated to Hyperbaric Medicine and registered at the European Association, and to the present date, the first and only private center with mono-place chambers
The Hyperbaric Center of Cascais’ staff has a highly specialized team with competence in Hyperbaric Medicine given by the Medical Association and a vast experience in the several applications of this type of treatment.

Today, I emphasize the following information that should make us all reflect and in particular those who suffer from this disease:

“The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that every 20 seconds an amputation takes place in the world due to Diabetic Foot. There are studies that indicate that more than 80% of these amputations started with ulcers, and that they could have been treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.”


Maria Luís Gameiro
Direcção Centro Hiperbárico Cascais


18 de October, 2021 News

October 14, 2021
World Sight Day

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy a hope for “sudden blindness”

Today, World Sight Day under the international theme LOVE YOUR EYES, I address to you to alert to the need for, and importance of eye health care.

The celebration of this anniversary is an opportunity to sensitize and motivate the population to the need for periodic examinations and consultations, in order to prevent and early diagnose vision health problems that can be easily prevented, and also avoid visual impairment and many times the blindness!

The aim of my reflection is related to a pathology unknown to many: The Central Retinal Artery Occlusion (CRAO)

The CRAO is a blockage of blood flow in the central artery of the retina usually due to an embolism, emerging in a sudden painless and unilateral form, and in a clinical picture of blindness. It occurs more frequently in elderly patients, but it can also occur in young adults and even children.

Unfortunately, in many situations, the available treatments are insufficient to recover vision in the affected eye, and often, when the ophthalmologist suggests Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as an alternative treatment, the window of opportunity for some recovery with this therapy may have already past, so regarding this topic: having prior information is the greatest asset in your eyes’ health.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has proven its effectiveness and safety in a set of pathologies defined by the UHMS (Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society). Particularly, in the ophthalmological field, it is worth mentioning the treatment of vascular diseases of the eye (such as CRAO), eye infections, retinopathy, and optic neuropathy by radiation and in pigmentary retinitis. I would like to mention that many studies deserve to be done so that more and better results can be obtained from this promising treatment.

In the specific case of Central Retinal Artery Occlusion, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy promotes an increase in oxygen bound to hemoglobin and basically in plasma, with a consequent increase in the concentration of oxygen in the vascular territory of the choroid.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy should be carried out in the first hours after vision loss, with maintenance in the following days, to help patients’ visual recovery efforts.

The Hyperbaric Center of Cascais’ staff has a highly specialized team with competence in Hyperbaric Medicine given by the Medical Association and a vast experience in the several applications of this type of treatment.

We have witnessed patients who have come to us and whose treatment is more likely to be successful the fewer hours between occurrence and treatment.

In short: TIME is very important for the eventual success of the treatment!
Time is Vision! And in case you are the target of this fatality or, if you know someone, don’t forget about this alternative, consult, and find out immediately with your ophthalmologist or at the Hospital’s emergency room, don’t wait for the next day!



Maria Luís Gameiro
Direcção Centro Hiperbárico Cascais


28 de September, 2021 News

September 24th

Deaf´s National Day

It is possible to avoid becoming deaf. Be aware.

Today, September 24th, Deaf´s National Day, I would like to make a remark focusing on sudden deafness. Sudden deafness is a sudden hearing loss, in most cases, unilateral and predominant in the population between 40 and 60 years old. The most important thing facing a situation of sudden deafness is to consult an otolaryngologist and start treatment in order to prevent the problem from getting worse, and the hearing loss becoming permanent.

In most situations, the reasons for sudden deafness are undetermined and inexplicable, which is why this is one of the most controversial and challenging issues for otolaryngologists. There is no unanimity regarding the treatment, medication with corticoids or by trans-tympanic injection is unquestionable, although there is growing evidence that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has brought a lot of improvements to many patients.

The current use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy appears as a rescue therapy, (or last solution) and there are proofs that it significantly improves initial hearing, but then, I ask: if Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is used when none of the other therapies are successful, imagine what it would be like to use it right from the start as a complementary therapy?!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has shown to provide a significant additional beneficial effect when used in combination with so-called conventional steroid-based therapy. For this reason, I believe that the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy should be encouraged, since it plays an important role in the treatment of this pathology, mainly as an initial treatment (associated with other therapies).

Many of the patient situations that we receive at the Hyperbaric Center of Cascais are situations in which the deafness “maturity” is already exceeding or very close to what is predicted to be the possible time for recovery from sudden deafness, which is around 3 months. I am convinced that, as with everything else in health, the faster the treatment, the greater the success rate of hearing recovery.

The Hyperbaric Center of Cascais’ staff has a highly specialized team with competence in Hyperbaric Medicine given by the Medical Association and a vast experience in the several applications of this type of treatment.

We daily witness with our patients who suffer from sudden deafness, that early treatment is often essential for its success.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is therefore a therapy to be considered in the treatment of Sudden Deafness. Much of the quality of life of all of us depends on hearing and at the Hyperbaric Center of Cascais we cherish it a lot!


23 de September, 2021 News

September 21st
World Alzheimer’s Day

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Hope in Fighting Alzheimer’s?

The drama of Alzheimer’s Disease is real and, unfortunately, it´s a presence in many of the Portuguese families’ homes. It is estimated that around 60 thousand people in Portugal suffer from this disease.
It is one of the most common forms of dementia, emerging mainly after the age of 65, being that half of the population aged 85 and over suffers from this disease. Unfortunately, a cure has not been yet discovered, but many scientific efforts have been made in the search for it.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been increasingly studied to fight it and, fortunately, a recent study says that Alzheimer’s disease can be attenuated or even reversed with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy!

According to this study, carried out by the University of Tel Aviv, Israel, and published in the prestigious scientific journal “Aging US”, the researchers claim that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy stimulates the functioning of the human brain and has shown to combat the accumulation of brain plaques associated with the disease, meaning, that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy offers “multifaceted neuroprotective effects” in Alzheimer’s disease and also improves brain and cognitive function in humans.

Specifically, the Tel Aviv University team reports that, after holding the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Sessions foreseen in the project, the brain blood flow improved by 20% on average and the results of the memory tests showed an average improvement of 16.5%.

Professor Uri Ashery, main author of the study, mentioned that: “Older patients suffering from significant memory loss at the start of the study revealed an increase in cerebral blood flow and improvement in cognitive performance, revealing the mightiness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to reverse the responsible essentials elements”.

In my opinion further studies are needed but, relying on the science and on the logic of the action of oxygen in our brains, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy could be, from now on, a benefit for all who preventively want and can benefit from this discovery.

The Cascais Hyperbaric Center is exclusively dedicated to Hyperbaric Medicine and registered at the European Association, and to the present date, the first and only private center with mono-place chambers.
Its’ staff is a highly specialized team with competence in Hyperbaric Medicine given by the Medical Association and a vast experience in the several applications of this type of treatment
Today, we emphasize the experience we have with people who come to us, national and overseas, for preventive treatments. General and cognitive well-being results, very promising, have been reported to us.

To end, one more quote from Professor Uri Ashery, an expert in neurobiology at the University of Tel Aviv, to The Times of Israel, which so well sums up this hopeful state of mind that we all find on fighting this very unequal disease:

“I don’t think this can ‘cure’ Alzheimer in humans, but it might be able to significantly slow its progression and severity.”

We hope so!

Maria Luís Gameiro
Direcção Centro Hiperbárico Cascais


8 de September, 2021 News

September 8th
World Physiotherapy Day

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Physiotherapy: the perfect combination?

Today, World Physiotherapy Day, is the ideal time to reflect on the techniques’ evolution used in this sector, namely, in the recovery of traumatic injuries and, also, in its increasing use in the context of Sports Medicine.

Several scientific studies have shown that the combination of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments with Physiotherapy brings greater efficiency in results and an effective pain reduction compared to treatments using only Physiotherapy.

Treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has different effects on injuries: on the one hand, prevention and, on the other, speeds up recovery.

An increased concentration of oxygen in the blood, promotes the improvement of oxygenation and the supply of nutrients to the muscles. This situation leads to greater resistance to fatigue, less probability of fracture or injury and, in case of suffering an injury, speeds up recovery.

Injuries usually have a determined recovery time. This time, being inaccurate as it is, is influenced by factors such as the physical condition of the injured person or the way each organism reacts. Treatments with therapeutic hyperbaric oxygen have been proven to shorten rehabilitation periods for different types of injuries, whether they are muscle, joint, bone or ligament.

In fact, injuries in general, whether traumatic (due to everyday accidents) or sports, always present a deficit of oxygenation and an increase in inflammation. However, with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy it is possible to improve these components, reducing the recovery time in an evident and efficient way, since there is a better tissue nutrition.

The hyperbaric chamber is useful not only for injured or fatigued athletes, but also for those who are healthy. By using hyperbaric oxygen therapy before intense exercise, several goals are achieved: The blood circulation in the brain is optimized, the oxygen concentration at the muscle level is increased and the immune system is strengthened. In addition, red blood cells are stimulated, achieving a significant improvement in physical condition.

This treatment is regularly used by elite athletes, but it is not necessary to practice sport in a professional way to benefit from it.

The Cascais Hyperbaric Center is exclusively dedicated to Hyperbaric Medicine and registered at the European Association, and to the present date, the first and only private center with mono-place chambers.

Its’ staff is a highly specialized team with competence in Hyperbaric Medicine given by the Medical Association and a vast experience in the several applications of this type of treatment. Today in particular, we emphasize the experience and great success we have, with patients who come to us to treat their injuries resulting from accidents, as well as athletes, being for injury recovery or performance enhancement.

Many of these patients are advised by their Physiotherapists to carry out this therapy in a complementary way, but we also have many patients who come to us autonomously and who surprise their Physiotherapists with the results achieved.

Hyperbaric Medicine is, therefore, a therapy that will cause a revolution in current Physiotherapy.


Maria Luís Gameiro

Direcção Centro Hiperbárico Cascais


2 de September, 2021 News

C.H.C. coopera com o regresso da equipa MOTIVO-JCB ao Todo-o-Terreno numa prova que integra a Taça do Mundo











The Cascais Hyperbaric Center collaborates with the return of the MOTIVO-JCB team to Off-Road in a competition that integrates the World Cup, from the 28th to 30th October, in the 35th edition of the Baja Portalegre 500.

The MOTIVO-JCB team has always stood out in the races, not only for its agility and accomplishments on the track, but also for the difference in having a mixed team, with three female members and three male members. Beyond that, this team has participated in more than one hundred automobile competitions, in different countries, having won many podiums.

The pilot of the MOTIVO -JCB team, José Gameiro,76, resorted to hyperbaric medicine after knowing that he was infected with the COVID-19 virus, recovering significantly from his symptoms. Additionally, he also finds out the benefits that this therapy brought to his well-being, managing to maintain, consistently, his intensive physical training.


18 de August, 2021 News







Last Tuesday, 10th, a young couple was poisoned by carbon monoxide (CO) following a bath in a campsite in Vila Real. After help arrived, the couple was transported to the Hospital Center of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro and then to the Pedro Hispano Hospital, in Matosinhos, where they have been receiving treatments at the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit. Currently, the young couple’s clinical status has been evolving favorably and they are out of danger already.

Carbon monoxide poisoning – burnt natural gas, methane or propane – is one of the most common fatal poisoning to occur, it occurs through inhalation of incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. Symptoms manifest themselves acutely and can cause: headache, nausea, angina, weakness, dyspnea, loss of consciousness, seizures and coma. In cases of greater exposure and/or late diagnosis, neuropsychiatric symptoms may also be developed.

The factors that originate this type of poisoning are: fires in homes, sealed cars, gas heaters, hot water heaters, ovens, wood or charcoal stoves and querosene heaters.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy reduces and delays neuropsychiatric symptoms as well as eliminates the body’s carbon monoxide levels.

4 de August, 2021 News
Credits: Marc Jacobs official Instagram account












Marc Jacobs, an American stylist, aged 58, chooses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments after undergoing a facelift.

At the end of July, Marc Jacobs underwent a facial aesthetic surgery – facelift – having shared with his Instagram followers, on the 23rd, a photo where he appears inside a hyperbaric chamber performing a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy session.

Jacobs decided to soften the post-op effects and speed up the healing process through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions, guided and advised by Dr. Andrew Jacono, from Hyperbaric Medical Solutions, a medical center in New York.

It is verified that performing pre and post-surgical treatments with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, the recovery time is greatly reduced, the edema and the pain are also minimized, conditions for improved results through a faster and more efficient healing. The same premise applies to other aesthetic surgeries or not, via the anti-inflammatory effect and the speed up in healing that treatments with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy promote.

At the Hyperbaric Center of Cascais you will find mono place chambers that, offer personalized care and attention to each patient, like in Marc Jacobs’ photography. it is also possible to schedule your medical appointments and treatments without long delay, and no less important, the confidentiality of the patient is taken into account since the center is only dedicated to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and has a private parking.


The Centro Hiperbárico de Cascais is the first Portuguese Hyperbaric Medicine Center with Monoplace chambers that allow medical treatments of up to 3 ATA.

EUBS Member


Hyperbaric Center of Cascais

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