At the Hyperbaric Center of Cascais we are focused on offering
the most appropriate treatment for each patient.
We are the First Hyperbaric Medicine Center
with Monoplace Chambers in Portugal.

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Excellence is our focus, with the most advanced innovation and technology in Europe.
NO mask use required.


Team with extensive experience and competence, always at your side for a better service and attention.


Your Recovery is our mission so we have monoplace chambers that allow greater comfort.

For injuries and muscle recovery

Sports medicine

Prevention and speeding up recovery.
Increases the concentration of oxygen in the blood ensuring the oxidizing and nourishing of the different muscles.

Slowing down or preventing aging?

Anti-aging and Neurology

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a therapy that provides high levels of oxygen to all tissues of the body and can restore oxygen in depleted tissues and cells.

Healing promoter and edemas reducer


Recommended in rhinoplasties, facelifting, chemical or laser peelings, maxillofacials, abdominoplasties, surgeries for breast reduction and enlargement and many other situations.

For hearing recovery

Sudden Deafness

Sudden deafness is a medical emergency condition in which an early diagnosis is crucial for recovery since a late diagnosis may decrease treatment efficacy. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in addition to medication is often the only and best action to achieve more effective results.

Need a Professional Diving Certification?

Professional Diving Certificates

The Hyperbaric Center of Cascais has a Physician Accredited by the General-Directorate of the Maritime Authority to issue Certificates of Professional Diving.

Do you have pain or difficulty healing?

Other pathologies

Promotes cellular metabolism and allows oxygen to reach the brain, cartilage, bones and tissues.

The best opinion

Always Comes from Our Customers

My first travel in time. A wonderful experience! I will be back, soon and younger.


I think that for the first time since November I’m not having pain in my right groin muscle/joint(…)
You guys have been fantastic.
I’m having more and better dreams!

Dennis Sprute

“I absolutely endorse hyperbaric oxygen therapy for it’s countless myriad medical, cosmetic and lifestyle benefits. Marie’s hyperbaric oxygen chamber in Portugal is definitely one of the best in Europe. I absolutely recommend it for it’s high level hygiene, top class standards and friendly service by her warm team at the centre.”

Natasha Suri.

Obrigada por tudo, gostei muito dos vossos serviços, com certeza que vamos voltar aí.

Eduardo Quaresma

Um centro de excelência de Medicina Hiperbárica na zona de Cascais.
Constituía um “unmet need” da região que agora foi colmatado.

Diogo Alpuim Costa

Eu recomendo o Centro Hiperbárico de Cascais!
Graças ao Centro hiperbárico de Cascais todos os problemas que eu tinha, nomeadamente lesões no intestino e outras complicações derivadas da doença oncológica que tenho desapareceram no final das 20 sessões. A minha qualidade de vida melhorou significativamente. O meu sincero agradecimento a todos/as os/as excelentes profissionais que trabalham neste Centro! Sem a medicina hiperbárica estaria condenado a uma vida de dor e sofrimento característica de quem sofre de uma doença oncológica.

Carlos Cardoso

The Centro Hiperbárico de Cascais is the first Portuguese Hyperbaric Medicine Center with Monoplace chambers that allow medical treatments of up to 3 ATA.

EUBS Member


Hyperbaric Center of Cascais

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