Credits: Marc Jacobs official Instagram account

Marc Jacobs, an American stylist, aged 58, chooses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments after undergoing a facelift.

At the end of July, Marc Jacobs underwent a facial aesthetic surgery – facelift – having shared with his Instagram followers, on the 23rd, a photo where he appears inside a hyperbaric chamber performing a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy session.

Jacobs decided to soften the post-op effects and speed up the healing process through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions, guided and advised by Dr. Andrew Jacono, from Hyperbaric Medical Solutions, a medical center in New York.

It is verified that performing pre and post-surgical treatments with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, the recovery time is greatly reduced, the edema and the pain are also minimized, conditions for improved results through a faster and more efficient healing. The same premise applies to other aesthetic surgeries or not, via the anti-inflammatory effect and the speed up in healing that treatments with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy promote.

At the Hyperbaric Center of Cascais you will find mono place chambers that, offer personalized care and attention to each patient, like in Marc Jacobs’ photography. it is also possible to schedule your medical appointments and treatments without long delay, and no less important, the confidentiality of the patient is taken into account since the center is only dedicated to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and has a private parking.