Sarra Goumid visited the Hyperbaric Center of Cascais

29 de July, 2021

Sarra Goumid visited the Hyperbaric Center of Cascais








The young French actress, icon of the Hippocrate series, Sarra Goumid, visited the Cascais Hyperbaric Center.

As part of the aesthetic procedure she performed in Portugal, and in order to achieve a quick recovery, Sarra Goumid resorted to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at the Cascais Hyperbaric Center.

During her stay, the young actress used her Instagram account to reveal the aesthetic procedure she underwent, as well as to make known the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; its beneficial effects on other pathologies, as in its own case, and even in the recovery of COVID-19; the facilities of the Cascais Hyperbaric Center; all the process until entry into the hyperbaric chamber and its functioning; and also to demystify some doubts that might exist about hyperbaric medicine.

The Cascais Hyperbaric Center was honored to be Sarra Goumid’ s choice and wishes her a quick recovery.


The Centro Hiperbárico de Cascais is the first Portuguese Hyperbaric Medicine Center with Monoplace chambers that allow medical treatments of up to 3 ATA.

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