Main Advantages

  • Plastic, restorative and aesthetic surgeries – pre and postoperative
  • Decrease in edema and postoperative seromas
  • Enhancer of the effects of Antibiotics
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Acceleration of the healing process
  • Prevention for patients at high risk of complications (including diabetics)
  • Dehiscence of surgical wounds
  • Compromised or risky grafts and flaps
  • Reduced amputation risks
  • Necrotizing soft tissue infections after invasive surgical procedures (notably aesthetic)


Since hyperbaric oxygen treatment is an anti-inflammatory treatment on its own, healing promoter and edemas reducer, it is accepted by the clinical community that HBOT can accelerate healing in patients undergoing the most diverse surgeries, namely plastic surgery such as rhinoplasties, face lifting, chemical or laser peelings, abdominoplasties, surgeries for breast reduction and enlargement and many other situations.
It is verified that using pre- and post-surgical treatments with HBOT, recovery time is greatly reduced, edema and pain are also reduced, and there are conditions for improved results through faster and more efficient healing.
The same premise applies to other surgeries via the anti-inflammatory effect, and the acceleration of healing that hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments promote.
Recent studies in the cardiovascular literature, suggest that patients undergoing open cardiac surgery have better brain function if they receive hyperbaric oxygen before surgery.


Paul Nassif, MD FACSD – World Authority for Review of Rhinoplasty and Facial Aging – USA

“Hyperbaric oxygen treatments have been extremely beneficial for my patients in plastic surgery, especially in complicated cases of nasal and facial revision. We encourage our patients to take advantage of the benefits in their recovery by using treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.”


The Centro Hiperbárico de Cascais is the first Portuguese Hyperbaric Medicine Center with Monoplace chambers that allow medical treatments of up to 3 ATA.

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Hyperbaric Center of Cascais

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