The Hyperbaric Center of Cascais

Hyperbaric Oxygen-therapy has been practiced in Portugal for many years, although only in multiplace chambers. The HYPERBARIC CENTER OF CASCAIS is thus the first Center of Hyperbaric Medicine in Portugal with monoplace chambers that allow medical treatments up to 3 ATA.

With monoplace chambers it is possible to perform a personalized treatment most adequate to treat your pathology.

Our project aims at the continuous scientific development, not only seeking the continuous improvement of therapeutic protocols for the diseases already identified, but also the investigation of the applicability of this treatment in other areas of preventive health, sports conditions and general well-being.

THE HYPERBARIC CENTER OF CASCAIS is the first private member of the European Association for Hyperbaric and Underwater Medicine (EUBS), and is therefore at the forefront of knowledge in this area of scientific development.

THE HYPERBARIC CENTER OF CASCAIS is located in a modern building in Cascais where all the access facilities are available, with particular relevance to the private underground car park and access by means of an interior elevator, thus promoting the privacy and convenience of all who visit us.

The Team

At the HYPERBARIC CENTER OF CASCAIS we have a highly qualified technical team.

The best professionals in the country are part of our team.Highly qualified doctors and nurses and all with competence in Hyperbaric Medicine and with several years of experience.

All treatments are followed permanently by technicians with competence in Hyperbaric Medicine assigned by the Order of Physicians and Accredited by the manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers.

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The Centro Hiperbárico de Cascais is the first Portuguese Hyperbaric Medicine Center with Monoplace chambers that allow medical treatments of up to 3 ATA.

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Hyperbaric Center of Cascais

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